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Season 3 launch!

Tuesday, October 11, 3:50 PM EST

Paul & Courtney Klimson


3:50 PM - 5:30 PM ET

 The Roadie Clinic is an advocacy group committed to providing a safe space for roadies and their families to heal while off the road, and to advocate for — and empower them to obtain — a healthy work environment while on the road. Their three-story, multi-faceted space will offer mental health services, career coaching, education, advocacy, financial guidance, family services, recovery resources and temporary housing when available. Operating as a 501(c)(3), TRC will offer its facility (and currently offers its services) both in person and online, for little to no charge to touring professionals and their families.  

Carl G


6:50 PM - 8:15 PM ET

Vocal effect engineer for Madonna and Beyonce. Analog synthesis master. Pursuer of knowledge and bliss. Spread love. 

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Hosted by:

DJ Mickey D

Warm up with:

Regina DeCicco (The Spice Comedian)

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Regina DeCicco

The one and only lady of The Spice, Regina DeCicco, has been warming up The Spice's audience since the very beginning and we could not be happier to have her. She is the lady in charge of the laughs at The View and is a mainstay at some of the top clubs and biggest events all over NYC and beyond. To find out more about Regina please visit her website at www.reginadecicco.com

What is The Spice?

Music is The Spice and The Spice is music. At the beginning of the pandemic when we were kept apart, an idea turned into a party, the party into a passion and The Spice was born. Each month we gather the Good Vibes Machine for a feast of friends and strengthen our bonds by sharing memories and telling stories that remind us why music is essential to our lives.

About DJ Mickey D

Having been a DJ for most of my life I’ve always had a love for music and connecting people through it. I’ve had the most incredible experiences playing all kinds of music to the best kinds of people. When my father (DJ Joe D) passed away in February 2021 I took a step back to feel how I felt about DJing and decided to refocus my energy and reinvigorate my passion. It’s time to play the music I love to play. Good vibes guaranteed. To learn more please visit djmickeyd.com  

DJ Mickey with a huge smile sitting behind a mic, and his mixing station.